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Tudor watches may be known as Rolex’s modestly priced little brother, but it still packs quite the punch. Look past the Tudor watch prices and you’ll see nothing but stunning design, excellent performance and high-precision mechanism. It may not be the Rolex of watches, but it has managed to capture an audience of its own.

Hans Wilsdorf launched Tudor in 1946. A couple years later, he introduced the Tudor Oyster Prince. Some watchers of the industry claimed it was a near-replica of the Rolex Prince. It featured a perpetual rotor system and Oyster case found in the Rolex Prince. It was classic, with clean lines. Above all, it suited the lifestyles of the modern, working man. The Tudor Oyster Prince carries a long and treasured history in the house of Tudor, making it one of the most desired vintage Tudor watches.

The Tudor watches that followed included the Oyster Submariner in 1954. Made with the professional diver in mind, the self-winding watch had a crisp black dial with luminescent hands. Later, variations of these Tudor watches were introduced: the Snowflake, the Big Crown, and the Marine Nationale.

Then a big moment for the Swiss-based watchmaker came in 1970 when it launched its first-ever chronograph. It was called the Oysterdate. It had a dial more graphic than previous Tudor watches, with a mix of grey, black, and orange colours. The case was also bigger than usual, but it was quickly beloved by watch wearers.

A year later, the Montecarlo came on the scene and wowed the crowd. Its iridescent blue dial and matching bezel was a knockout feature. The dial itself resembled a casino roulette wheel, inspiring the name. On the inside, it was equipped with a self-winding Valjoux 234. That made it more accurate and sophisticated than any other Tudor watch. Prices were still modest when compared to Rolex watches.

In the decades that followed, Tudor watches for sale dropped drastically. Industry experts pointed the blame at the mother company, Rolex, which inadvertently marketed Tudor as a less expensive cast-off of Rolex. The company’s biggest loss was around the turn of the millennium when it pulled out of the US and UK markets. It was hard-pressed to find Tudor watches on any wrist.

But it looks like Tudor’s tides are turning.

After being Tudor-less for 14 years, the UK finally got graced with a beautiful new collection of Tudor watches for sale in 2014. Similarly, the US saw a relaunch of vintage Tudor watches in 2013. Naturally, watch lovers revelled at the return of the 1960s-era Heritage Chrono Blue and Heritage Black Bay.

It was a big win for Tudor fans because it marked a huge comeback for the company. Tudor was coming out of the shadows of Rolex by focusing on vintage Tudor watches. The Tudor watch price is still perhaps the key factor in any watch buyer’s decision. But with the recent relaunches, Tudor has take note of fashion’s penchant for nostalgic pieces. And these revived Tudor watches may be staying in the spotlight for a while.

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